Stormtrooper - Star Wars 31cm Plastic Action Figure

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Stormtroopers are Imperial soldiers who track down any Rebel freedom fighters who oppose the Galactic Empire. This detailed 12-inch Star Wars figure looks just like a Stormtrooper! Hes a huge, 12-inch enemy of the Republic who comes armed with his own blaster for any battle you send him into. Whether you Are sending him into battle or standing him up in your collection, your Star Wars adventures are going to be epic! Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. 

Type:  Action figure

Appropriate Age Warning:  N/A

Age Range:  4 years to 19 years

Power: Number Of Batteries Required: 0        

Power Source: N/A

Development Skill: Imagination

Dimensions: Product Height: 31cm

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