Stain Devils - Grease, Lubricant & Paint 50ml

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Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils for Grease, Lubricant and Paint is perfect for removing heavy duty stains from clothing.

Grease, lubricant, paint and other such products are all extremely difficult to remove from clothing and coming into contact with them can spell disaster, but not if you have Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils. Whether you are a tradesperson who has regular contact with these sorts of products or just decorating your home, Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils for Grease, Lubricant and Paint is the perfect product for keeping your work wear stain free.

This Stain Devils special formulation is designed to be tough on stains but kind on fabrics and is suitable for use on colourfast items.

Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils for Grease, Lubricant & Paint removes tough stains such as;

Grease, lubricant, machine oil, paint, candle wax, glue, chewing gum, nail varnish, petroleum jelly, correction fluid, plasticine, resin, shoe polish, wax and tar.


Important Information


Before use test for colourfastness: Apply a small amount of solution on an inconspicuous area and leave until dry.

If there is no change in colour, continue following the instructions above.

Always rinse tested area with warm water and follow garment’s wash care label.

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