Newby Teas Earl Grey Black Tea Silken Pyramids 38g

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This classic British blend combines the finest black tea with bergamot. Rich and balanced with an unforgettable citrus twist.

Tasting Notes
A bright amber cup with distinct notes of sweet, fresh bergamot orange combined with a well-balanced body.

The Silken Pyramid
This precious whole leaf tea is cocooned in biodegradable silken pyramids, individually sealed for freshness.
The Story
According to legend, the nineteenth century British Prime Minister Earl Grey was served a blend of black tea flavoured with bergamot orange and was so thrilled by the taste it became a staple at his residence Howick Hall in Northumberland, Named after the Earl Grey himself, this tea remains a British favourite.

Tea is Newby's passion. Our mission is to source, blend, preserve and serve the world's finest teas. Selecting the best leaves from prime harvest seasons, we preserve the quality of Newby's blend at our state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the world's finest tea-growing regions. We pack all our teas in alu-foil to preserve their freshness and unique character.
Newby's award-winning teas and tisanes are enjoyed in fine establishments around the world, a luxury you can now experience for yourself.
Nirmal Sethia
Founder - Newby Teas

The Chitra Collection
For millennia, philosophers and sages developed the art of transforming fragile leaves into transcendent cups. Like alchemists, they understood the importance of water quality, temperature and brewing time - an art that is slowly fading.
It is this art that Newby seeks to revive, presenting the finest teas and honouring millennia of tradition with a one-of-a-kind museum collection.
Curated as carefully as our teas, Newby's Chitra Collection chronicles the very history of tea in priceless objects. We have chosen to feature one of these objects with each of our teas and tisanes.

Early Dutch Silver-Gilt Teapot
Adam Loofs, The Netherlands, 1701
An early example of what later became the teapot's ubiquitous form, the pot was made by the court goldsmith of William III, King of England and Stadholder of the Netherlands.
The Finest Tea Collection, Suitable for vegetarians
We are member of Ethical Tea Partnership

Product Information



Preparation and Usage

The Perfect Cup
Place one silken pyramid into freshly, fully boiled water. Brew for 3-5 minutes.



Manufactured & Packed by
Newby Teas Overseas P. Ltd.,
24 P.S (W.B) 743503,

Newby Teas (U.K.) Ltd,
105 St. John Street,

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Other Information

Full Product Name:
Earl Grey black tea

Store in a cool, dry place

Additional Information:
Additional language on pack: Arabic



Allergy Advice: For allergens see highlighted ingredients

Black Tea, Bergamot Flavour

Dietary Information

Suitable for Vegetarians

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