Nakd Cocoa Orange Bar 35g

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Producent: Natural Balance Foods
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Nākd Cocoa Orange bar is one of our most popular bars - delicious, satisfying and refreshingly natural – its awesome chocolate-orange flavour is a favourite with the Nākd community. Imagine a sweet, zesty orange and a sprinkling of rich cocoa and you’ll have some idea of what we mean. The most surprising thing about this bar is that there are no sugars or sticky syrups added to enhance its taste – what you get instead is a yummy combination of fruit and nuts, gently smooshed together into a handy bar shaped snack. 

Product Description

Cocoa Orange Raw Fruit & Nut Bar

Raw Wholefood
No Added Sugar or Syrup
Cold-Pressed, Never Baked
1 of Your 5 A Day

Love your body.
Want to look better, feel better and help the world in the process? Replace heavily processed foods with nourishing, raw wholefoods and get ready to be happy. This satisfying slice of simple goodness is a great place to start. Hope you love it as much as we do! Nature is nicer.

Product Information

Country of Origin

UK (Wales).


Natural Balance Foods Limited.,
HP18 9PH

Package Type

Heat Sealed.


Allergen Information

  • Contains:Nut
  • Free from:Gluten, Wheat,Lactose, Milk


Raw Dates (40%), Raw Cashews (40%), Raw Raisins (14%), Cocoa (5%), A Hint of Natural Flavour.

Dietary Information

No Added Sugar

Nutritional Data


Typical values   per 100g per 35g bar
Energy   1613kj 565kj
Energy   373kcal 131kcal
Protein   9g 3g
Carbohydrate   48g 17g
Fat   20g 7g

What’s in Nākd Cocoa Orange?

Our Nākd Cocoa Orange bars are full of the goodness you’d expect from Mother Nature – any more natural and you’d have to peel them! Happily, Cocoa Orange is also free from the additives and artificial ingredients that are added to other bars on the market. Put simply that means nothing but dates, cashews, raisins, real cocoa and a pinch of natural flavours are used to make it.

Nutritional Information

Lots of lovely natural ingredients go into Cocoa Orange, but people with special dietary needs should know that it’s also:

  • Dairy free
  • Gluten and wheat free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Low in saturated fats
  • No added sugar
  • GM Free
  • One of your 5 a day!
  • Deliciously simple! Made with Dates (40%), Cashews (40%), Raisins (14%), Cocoa (5%), natural flavour

New to Nākd & Trek?

If you’re new to our site, you’re probably wondering what makes our products so wonderfully special compared to 99% of other snacks and cereal bars you’ll find in the shops…

What makes Nākd and Trek different

Have you ever looked at the back of your cereal bar wrapper to see what’s in it? Nearly all so-called ‘healthy’ snack bars undergo intense heat-processing, and are stuffed with sugary syrups and mysterious additives. Take a look at the below to see what we mean.

"A typical cereal bar can contain as many as 30 ingredients, many of which are completely unrecognisable and several of which are actually just various types of sugar. Despite what it says on the pack we all know that these heavily processed, syrup-laden and additive-filled cereal bars are not really ‘healthy’ at all!"

We know, scary isn’t it. So what’s the alternative? The ‘Ah-ha’ moment: Nākd bars are completely different to other cereal bars because they’re made with a wholefood approach, which means that we believe in minimal processing and we don’t add any sugar, syrups or mysterious additives to your food. The results are that you get to eat food the way nature intended, keeping you happy and healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Trek protein bars are made with the exact same wholefood approach – with the addition of protein crunchies for the sporty types out there. To make our bars we literally take a handful of fruits, nuts and a hint of natural flavours and we smoosh these ingredients together to make the most delicious, nutritious and healthy snacks you’ll find anywhere. That’s it. Any more natural and you’d have to peel them! Happily, Nākd and Trek bars are also vegan, contain no wheat and dairy and even count as one of your five a day. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Did you know?

"It only takes 35 minutes to make a Nākd bar, from mixing all the yummy ingredients to popping it in the pack – compare that with a baked cereal bar which is so processed and ingredient-laden that it takes 3hours 45mins to make. That’s 6x longer! We think this just goes to show that making foods with a wholefood approach is much better – both for you and the planet."

So what do we mean by 'wholefood'?

Let’s take orange juice as an example – freshly squeezed oranges provide natural, sweet, delicious and healthy juice – the wholefood approach! Compare this with fizzy orange juice - which is highly processed with many mysterious additives. With our wholefood approach to making snacks, we stay as close to the original ‘orange’ as possible. That’s how we do things.

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