Kellogg's Special K 750g

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You may think that missing breakfast will cut out the calories and help you lose weight. However, research proves that people who eat a low fat breakfast, such as Special K tend to be slimmer than breakfast 'skippers'. You're less likely to snack on unhealthy foods mid-morning or overdo it at lunch. What's more, Special K is less than 2% fat. Also, Special K contains lots of the goodness you might otherwise miss out on when you're cutting back on calories. Each delicious bowl of crunchy rice and wheat flakes contains Half your needs of 8 daily essential vitamins in addition to a Quarter of your needs of iron.
Indulge yourself in a heavenly combination of crunchy flakes and chocolate flavour cereal clusters balanced with the lively tang of delicious freeze dried strawberries. And because it's from Kellogg's Special K, you can be sure it's low fat.

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