Jakemans Lozenges Cherry Menthol 100g

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Producent: Jakemans (Confectioners) Ltd
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Jakemans Cherry Menthol Sweets are carefully blended with menthol to provide a soothing vapour action. So breathe easier this winter with Jakemans.

  • Soothing vapour action to ease your passages
  • Fabricated using only the very finest ingredients
  • Meticulously mouth-watering flavours
  • Scrumptiously suitable for vegetarians
  • Not an iota of artificial colour or flavour

The Jakemans product range

We specialise in quality menthol based confectionary. Established in 1907 in Boston, England where we remain to this day.

Thanks to our dedication to using quality natural ingredients, we joined the LanesHealth family in 2007. LanesHealth are leaders in providing alternative natural remedies to many common ailments.

We think the reason for our success is simple: we use the finest ingredients to create a great taste and a product that really works.


Written Queries

I am a Vegetarian. Can I consume Jakemans products?

All Jakemans products are suitable for vegetarians.

Are Jakemans products gluten free?
While no claims are made on the pack all Jakemans products are considered gluten free under the Codex Standard and are therefore suited for persons with gluten intolerance.
Are Jakemans Products safe for pregnant women?

Although the NHS issues no specific guidance on consuming menthol during pregnancy or breastfeeding if you are concerned talk with your health professional before using our products


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