Gustare Raw Eucalyptus Honey Australian Grey Iron Bark Mild 250g

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Grey Iron Bark Honey is harvested from the flora of the Eucalyptus Paniculata tree, found mostly in eastern New South Wales, Australia. It makes a delicious addition to a smoothie, tasty baking ingredient and barbecue glaze, or paired in a cheese platter with soft cheeses such as Brie.

Gustare' mono-floral premium raw honey is produced by artisan beekeepers from Australia's pristine natural wilderness. Gustare's bees are never exposed to chemicals or antibiotics, increasing their natural resistance and health, to provide a tastier, purer honey. 100% pure, raw and natural, Gustare's honey is presented as it is in the hive, filtered only once to remove debris. Each variety is produced seasonally in its own provenance and distinctive terroir, resulting in a truly unique product.
Delicious, popular Australian Eucalyptus Honey, Light in colour with a mild, warm and subtle flavour and slight nutty and toffee aftertaste, Versatile ingredient in baking, barbecues and in savoury recipes, Fantastic alternative to refined sugar, Soothes coughs and colds

Product Information


Gustare Raw Honey


Country of Packing

United Kingdom


Gustare Honey Ltd,

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Other Information

Full Product Name:
Pure delicious raw honey from Australia

Store at room temperature.
Best before end - See side of lid.

Safety Warning:
Safety: Do not give to children aged under 1 year.

Packaged in the UK

Additional Information:
Honey Type: Monofloral Grey Iron Bark (E. paniculata) from Australia


Nutritional Data


Typical Values per 100g:
Energy 1272kJ/304kcal
Carbohydrates 82.4g
of which sugars 82.12g
Dietary Fibre <0.2g
Fat <0g
Protein <0.3g
Salt 0.04g

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