Barry's Tea Gold Blend 80 Tea bags

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Producent: Barrys Tea
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Barry's Gold Blend Tea has a uniquely refreshing taste and a bright, golden colour. It is our flagship blend and is made by blending some of the finest teas from the high mountain slopes of Kenya and the Assam Valley of India.


* This blend is our Star Buy and recommended by us.


Each Box Contains 80 Teabags

Weight: 250g


When you drink Barry's Tea, you can be sure you're getting the best. But then, we have been blending tea since 1901 (luckily, we don't look our age)!

But what exactly is it that makes Barry's Tea so special?

We're fussy!
We only select tea from the best tea estates in the world, so you get the perfect cup every single time.
We're all about location.
Our teas are sourced from the Assam Valley of India, Kenya and Rwanda, guaranteeing the distinctive taste 
you know and love.
We're know-it-alls (but in a nice way).
Our blenders are experts in their field and have carefully passed their knowledge and expertise down through generations. This means our quality is never anything but exceptional. You could say we have it down to a ‘tea’.
We're proud of our tea.
You can taste the pride in each and every cup.


To help you get to know us a little better, we’ve included some facts about our company. We've also included a potted history of our origins and our growth, from a small family run business to Ireland’s favourite tea brand.

Did you know?

  • The Irish Tea market is worth an estimated €78 million at retail selling price.
  • Barry’s Tea accounts for 40% of all tea sales in Ireland.
  • Barry’s Tea dominates the premium sector of the tea market, with Gold Blend as the sector market leader.
  • Barry’s Tea now has 72 employees.

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