Cauldron 6 Frozen Vegan Sausages 300g

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By selecting to purchase this frozen product, you accept that it will most likely defrost while in transit with UPS to you, therefore on receipt it should be stored in a refrigerator and consumed within a few days or as described by the manufacturer on the package. Defrosted products should not be re-frozen. Full terms & conditions for ordering fresh and frozen products are available in the Terms & Conditions Section.

Fresh and frozen products shipped from Warsaw are protected with reusable cold inserts, which provide limited chilled environment up to 24 hours. After receiving the package, these products should be immediately inserted into the refrigerator. Full terms & conditions of ordering fresh and frozen products are available in the Terms & Conditions Section.


Combining the wholesome goodness of Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables, Haricot Beans and Tomato Pesto, these sausages are full of flavour and so versatile. Try them in wraps with basil pesto and red peppers, or an Italian tomato stew with potatoes, red peppers, olives and fresh basil.

With grilled Mediterranean vegetables, haricot beans and tomato pesto, Exciting, authentic food, Deliciously prepared for you, High in protein, Low sat fat, Source of fibre, Made with non GM ingredients, Suitable for vegans
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Product Information




Keep Frozen


Cooking Instructions - From Frozen. Simply remove all packaging & cook from frozen as follows.
Ensure food is piping hot before serving.
All appliances may vary, these are guidelines only.; Grill - From Frozen. Pre-heat grill to medium setting. Brush the Cauldron Sausages with a little oil and cook under the grill for 12 minutes, turning frequently.; Oven cook - From Frozen. Pre-heat oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6 or Fan Oven 180°C. Brush Cauldron Sausages wiht a little oil, place onto a baking tray and cook on the middle oven shelf for 20 minutes.

Preparation and Usage

Try them in wraps with basil pesto and red peppers, or an Italian tomato stew with potatoes, red peppers, olives and fresh basil.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Package Type


Recycling Information

Box - Recyclable; Sleeve - Card - Widely Recycled

Other Information

Full Product Name:
Vegan Sausages made with vegetables, haricot beans and tomato pesto.

Keep frozen below -18°C. Please refer to freezer manual guidelines.
Do not refreeze once thawed.
Best Before End: See Side of Pack.

3 Servings

Made in the UK


Allergen Information

Allergens can be found in the ingredients list

Contains Barley, Contains Wheat


Allergy Advice: For allergens see highlighted ingredients

Grilled Vegetables (30%) [Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, Courgette, Onion], Haricot Beans (20%), Water, Wheat Flour, Red Onion, Tapioca Starch, Rusk [Wheat Flour, Salt], Rice Starch, Tomato Powder, Rapeseed Oil, Seasoning [Salt, Yeast Extract, Herbs (Sage, Rosemary, Marjoram, Bay), Onion Powder, Potassium Chloride, Spices (Black Pepper, Nutmeg, White Pepper), Sugar, Maltodextrin, Garlic Powder, Barley Malt Extract Powder, Sunflower Oil, Herb Extracts (Sage, Rosemary), Black Pepper Extract], Herbs & Spices [Oregano, Smoked Paprika, Black Pepper], Tomato Pesto (1.5%) [Tomato Purée, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Fructose, White Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, Red Pepper Juice, Sundried Tomato, Basil Extract, Rubbed Basil, Red Pepper, Salt, Garlic Purée], Natural Flavouring, Stabiliser: Methylcellulose

Dietary Information

Suitable for Vegans

Nutritional Data

Typical ValuesPer 100g
Energy 670kJ
Fat 4.2g
of which saturates 0.4g
Carbohydrate 17.7g
of which sugars 4.1g
Fibre 8.1g
Protein 8.6g
Salt 0.8g
No. of servings: 3  

Frequently Asked Questions

Cauldron is a Meat Free brand. All our products are produced in totally meat free factories, our main ingredients are tofu (made from organic soya beans), chickpeas, soya and vegetables. Cauldron has been making high quality vegetarian products for over 30 years.

Do Cauldron products contain trans / hydrogenated fats?

No. We do not use hydrogenated fat in Cauldron products. Very small amounts of trans fat do occur naturally in dairy ingredients, this is unavoidable – so only products containing cheese and milk protein etc. will contain minute traces of naturally occurring trans fat.

Are Cauldron products – Gluten Free?

Our tofu products are all gluten free. We are very aware that gluten free products are growing in popularity and our consumers are very interested in finding great tasting foods that are gluten free. Therefore we are continuing our research work and look at how we can include the claim in the future.

Do any Cauldron products include Palm Oil?

The vast majority of our Cauldron products do not contain palm oil, aside from our Vegan Wholefood Burgers.

Do Cauldron products contain any GM ingredients?

All of the Cauldron range are produced from non-gmo ingredients. The soya beans in all of our Tofu products are no-gmo approved in the UK or their country of origin.

Which Cauldron products are suitable for a Vegan diet?

  • Cauldron Organic Original Tofu 396g and Marinated Tofu Pieces are all Vegan Friendly.
  • Cauldron Falafels don’t contain any ingredients that wouldn’t be appropriate for the Vegan diet
  • Cauldron Moroccan Falafel Bites – as these products are made from an authentic recipe they do contain honey.
  • Indian Koftas – don’t contain any ingredients that wouldn’t be appropriate for the Vegan diet.


What is tofu?

Tofu is made from soya beans, water and a coagulant, or curdling agent. It is high in protein and calcium and well known for its ability to absorb new flavors through spices and marinades. Due to its chameleon-like qualities and nutritional value, tofu, a staple of Asian cuisines for hundreds of years have become popular in western kitchens.

Where the Soya Beans used for Cauldron tofu do come from and are they sustainable?

You know those little green edamame pods we all love snacking on? Well, tofu is not made from those (those are little baby soya beans), but wait a while longer and they will mature out of their green phase, making them ripe for a life as a delicious block of tofu. The soya beans in tofu team up with anti-oxidants and these protein packed cubes have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases. Soya bean based protein, like tofu, is one of the few plant based proteins that contain all of the essential amino acids we need to stay healthy.

Sustainable Origins of Cauldron Tofu:

Cauldron Organic Original Tofu 396g, Cauldron Organic Smoked Tofu and Cauldron Organic Marinated Tofu Pieces

Our suppliers have long term agreements with growers in Canada, China and Europe, sourced from strict sustainable areas where the beans must be grown in ways that are organically, ecologically and ethically good.

  • Made from 100% organic soya beans
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Gluten-free certified
  • Low in saturated fats
  • High in Protein
  • High in Calcium
  • Organic

Calcium Content

Cauldron Original Tofu contains approximately 400mg of calcium per 100g. A 100g serving would provides 50% of your recommended daily amount..

What can tofu be used for?

Tofu is the ideal protein for use in stir-frys, soups, pies, salads, pasta and much more. After pressing the tofu (as below) it will then easily absorb any flavours you want to add for your dish.

You can even use the Cauldron Organic Original Tofu Block for desserts, sauces or dressings, by liquidising in a food processor.

What do I do with Cauldron Tofu Block once I have got it home?

Once you have chosen your Cauldron tofu block – Original and Smoked. You need to choose your recipe. For there you need to remove the moist from the tofu block to create texture and to decide what shape and size you would like your tofu to be in the dish.

How to press the water out of the Cauldron tofu block

1. Take a knife and slice open the tofu pack around the block.
2. Pour out the water from the packet.
3. Place the tofu block onto a chopping board and pat it dry with some kitchen roll.
4. Wrap the tofu block in plenty of kitchen roll (around 8 layers).
5. Then place another chopping board on top of the tofu block
6. Finally add two full tins from your cupboard. (ie Baked Beans)
7. Leave from 10mins – allowing the water the slowly seep out of the block.
8. Unwrap the block and you should be able to visibly see the block has shrunk in size.
9. You are now ready to slice your tofu.

You can also at this point marinade the tofu if your recipe requires.

You could also add a batter, breadcrumb or coatings (ie sesame seeds)

What is the best way to store tofu once opened?

Once a pack of tofu has been opened, the best way to store it is to place it in a container and cover with cold water. Change the water daily and store in your refrigerator.

How long can I keep tofu once I’ve opened the pack?

If the water is changed daily the tofu will last for up to 3 days after opening.

Can I feed my baby tofu?

Tofu can be given to babies as part of a mixed, balanced diet, (providing of course that they do not have an intolerance to soya), but we recommend it be thoroughly heated through first. It can be diced and added to vegetables or stewed fruit 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

Can I eat tofu straight from the pack?

Tofu is pasteurised, so can be eaten straight from the pack without cooking, for example with a salad, or use pureed in sweet dishes.

What is Silken Tofu?

Silken Tofu is very smooth, creamy tofu which has a delicate texture that just melts in the mouth. Silken Tofu is used for desserts, sauces or gravy. By breaking down the tofu in a food processor and blending with the other ingredients. We currently don’t have a a silken tofu as part of the Cauldron range but our Cauldron Original Tofu Block works very well in desserts and smoothies. Have a look at the recipe pages for more information.

Can I use Cauldron tofu in dessert recipes?

You will find a number of desserts in the recipe section of the website. For all of these recipes we have used the Cauldron Original Tofu Block. The texture of not as soft or smooth as a Silken Tofu but breaks down well in food processors for desserts.

Can Cauldron tofu be frozen?

We do not recommend freezing tofu as the process will change the colour and texture. The tofu will become darker in colour and hard and brittle in texture.


Cauldron products are available from all leading supermarkets and health food stores.
The range will vary from store to store. Please refer to the supermarkets home shopping website for more detail.

Cauldron Foods statement 28 October 2015

You may have noticed a few US newspaper reports related to a recent Clear Food consumer guide “The Hotdog report”. The report used a DNA sequencing workflow to identify that “4 of the 21 vegetarian samples we tested had hygienic issues” and that “10% of vegetarian products contained meat”. At no point was Cauldron mentioned in this report, and as we have not been contacted by Clear Food, we have no reason to believe that Cauldron was implicated in the report findings.

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